Earn Money Using Your Car

Buying, maintaining and running a car can be a stressful strain on your personal finances. Wouldn’t you like to reclaim the money spent on your car and use the car to pay for its own expenses? Here’s how to do just that.

Join a Ride Pairing Service

If you have a car with 4 doors and meet your city’s requirements (usually 2005 or newer) and you have spare time you could make money helping your community of riders travel safely and easily. No special driver’s license or previous experience required.

All you have to do is sign up with one of the new companies that pair up people that need a ride with people that want to make money with their cars. The fare is paid before the rider is picked up including your tip; eliminating the need to handle money or having money in the car with you. Work when you want and have your earnings deposited directly into your bank account. It couldn’t’ be easier to make extra money on the side.

Advertise on Your Automobile

If you don’t mind getting a lot of attention as you drive around in your car, you could earn money from car advertising. There are companies that pay you cash for covering your car in adverts for products, services and brands. Search online for reputable car advertising companies or approach local businesses. The more covering you opt for on your vehicle, the more money you’ll earn.

Drive and Deliver

Provided you enjoy driving and have a few hours spare, why not check if your local takeaway is hiring delivery drivers, or look for a part-time job delivering parcels or leaflets? You could advertise your own local delivery service using your car to people in your local area. You could even collect and deliver your neighbor’s shopping for a small fee.

Car Share to Cover the Cost of Your Journey

People are always looking for a cheaper way to travel, and car sharing can work out financially positive for both passenger and driver. You don’t have to become a full-time taxi driver; you could just offer occasional rides at the fraction of the cost of regular public transport. Let people know where you’re planning on going, and they can pay money to join you for part or the entire journey. Not only do you meet new and interesting people, but the money received from car sharing can even cover the cost of the whole journey.

Rent Out Your Vehicle

If your car often sits outside your home, unused, for lengthy periods of time, why not rent it out? Renting out your vehicle when it’s not being driven can earn you a healthy profit, especially if you own a desirable car. Sign up with a reputable car renting company or advertise locally, and sit back as your car earns money for you!

Now more than ever it’s easier to make money with your car. Always do your research first, if you decide to join a ride pairing service or have a wrapper put on your car to advertise a product or service. You’ll need to know who offers the best prices, the length of your commitment, insurance concerns and anything else that could interfere with the enjoyment and use of your car.



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