Credit Cards for Bad Credit Reviews – Part 1

bad credit

Got Poor Credit?  Need unsecured credit cards for bad credit? Who doesn’t these days? We took a look at several sites offering credit card solutions and reviewed them for ease of use, variety offered and anything extra to help you with make a decision.

Super Credit Card

If you’re struggling with credit issues you know how difficult it can be to get by day to day, but what happens when you have an emergency? The credit cards available at Super Credit Card are designed for people with bad credit, poor credit and no credit.  Credit cards to rebuild your credit and prepaid credit cards, you’ll find them all at Super Credit Card.

We found the site easy to navigate.

The colors are easy on the eyes and that’s a good thing because there is a lot to read on this site and a lot of choices to make. They offer cards for every purpose and clearly list out the advantages to each card offered for your credit range. They also list fees, interest rates and balance transfers if available right on the front page where it is easily seen.

Variety: Cards for every purpose and credit rating

Choose your credit rating, browse the available cards and apply, it just that easy.  Not only will you find cards for your credit rating but you can also choose by the type of card you are interested in. Are you interested in gas rewards, points, prepaid etc.?  They have it! The features of each card are listed in easy to read bullet format and they have an editor’s choice rating system that is based on the cards features. This makes it easy for you to decide which card is best suited to your particular need.

Scroll down the page and you’ll find a Quick Reference Guide to Comparing Credit Cards and A Guide to Good Credit. These are articles give you a quick rundown of terms and things to consider when applying for a new card. We recommend that you spend a few minutes reading these articles.

Incredible Credit Cards

This site has a different approach to choosing the best credit card. The approach here is that they will find the right card for you, just fill out the application and they will find a credit card for you.

We found this site attractive.

If you love going to the movies you’ll love the look of this site. However it’s not just another pretty face, the application process is very easy, well written so there should be no problems filling out the information and like all sites, if you don’t like the offer they give you, you can close out and try another day.


Scroll below the application form and you’ll find an easy reference guide to credit terms and you’ll find some excellent advice. No card is perfect, do your research and choose the one that works best for you.

United States Credit

Love the red, white and blue? This site has got you covered with all kinds of patriotic images, but more importantly United States Credit delivers on selection and extras. Bad credit and poor credit they have something to offer.

We stood up and saluted!

This site is easy to get around in and has a large selection of cards for every type of credit you might be interested in.  You can even choose the credit card by the company that issues it such as VISA or MasterCard.  This site offer personal loans as well as credit cards so be careful if it’s a credit card you want, read carefully so that you don’t wind up with a personal loan.

Variety is a good thing.

Variety is a good thing, however confusion is not. This site offers the personal loans in the same space as the credit card offers we found it a bit confusing.


Scroll down the page and you’ll find a guide to personal Loans full of good information. They also had a Guide to credit Cards and a section about their lenders. A section on the lenders that they work with is  a unique feature and worth the read.

Part 2 – Bookmark BetterTimes and return often, we have more reviews on the way.



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  • Nichole says:

    My credit score 560 or around that just need a credit card to rebuild and establish my credit score I’m 33 with a new child and need to have things in place if there was a emergency please help find one ty