Creative Ways to Make Money in a Bad Economy

Finding a traditional full-time job is not easy these days. With employment demands changing radically and uncertainty about the economy around every corner, it is no wonder so many people are wondering what to do.

Even if you are lucky enough to have a job, chances are you are finding that your income does not stretch as far as it once did.

In this economy, it is important to look for new and creative ways to earn more money.

Look for Money Around the House
You may have money lying around the house and not even know it. Studies have shown that the average person has hundreds of dollars’ worth of items they no longer want or need. You can turn those unwanted but still usable items into cold hard cash by selling them on eBay and other online auction sites.

For furniture and other items too heavy or bulky to ship, local classified and online ads are a great alternative. If you want the money all at once, consider hosting a yard sale and using the proceeds to get out of debt or build your emergency fund.

Look for a Niche and Fill It

Have you heard about the woman who makes a living baking cookies for the local summer fairs? She doesn’t just make a living, she makes over 2 million yearly working 2 months a year. Everyone has a talent, and using that talent can be a great way to earn some extra money, or even start a whole new career. Look around and search for niches that no one is filling, then think about how you can use your skills and experience to fill those niches. Whether you set up a computer repair shop in your home or go around the neighborhood raking leaves and cutting lawns, there are things you can do to bring in some extra income while helping others.

Consider Freelancing
It is no secret that companies have been slashing their workforces lately, but that does not mean they no longer need to get work done. More and more companies are looking to freelance and contract workers to perform tasks once done by traditional full-time employees.

If you have a good skill set, think about which companies you would like to work for, then reach out to those companies to see what their needs are. You may be pleasantly surprised at the opportunities you find.

Networking with others is a great way to learn about new contract opportunities, and doing a great job is the best way to build the kind of reputation that will land you repeat business.

Making ends meet is never easy, and it is even harder in a bad economy. With so many people looking for jobs, workers need to be more creative than ever before. Sometimes the best way to make money is to create your own job. Putting your own talents to work can be a temporary solution to an unemployment problem – or a permanent path to a new way of life.



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