I Need an Installment Loan

Why would you take an installment loan when a payday loan is fast, has no credit check and can be had with an easy online application?

Payday loans aren’t for every situation; they are primarily for an unexpected emergency that you can’t cover with the money you have left over from your last pay check. They are meant to be repaid as soon as you get your next check. Think about it, you can’t always pay for all of the emergencies that come your way with 1 paycheck, sometimes you need to spread out the payments and the time it takes to repay a loan. That is where an installment loan has the advantage over a payday loan; if this is you then what you need is an installment loan.

Installment loans can have a lot in common with a payday loan in that you can find a lender that specializes in lending to people that have no credit or even bad credit; you can apply online; you can find a lender that will make a decision quickly and have the money in your account in 24 hours. More importantly you can find lenders that will report to the credit bureaus which are important if you are trying to improve your credit score. Best of all the repayment terms on installment loans is generally 12 – 16 months giving you the time you need to repay the loan and making it easier on your budget because you know exactly how much each payment will be. If longer repayment terms are important to you then you need an installment loan.

Even in an emergency you can take a few minutes to comparison shop and make sure you are getting the best loan possible. Settling for a high interest loan because you’re in a panic will come back to haunt you, it’s best to make sure that you find the best rates for the credit that you have before signing for a loan. Shop around, most lenders and lender brokers have the interest rates posted on their site, once you are accepted for a loan the interest rate will be on the contract if you feel the interest rate is too high don’t sign, try another lender or call up the lender and negotiate a lower interest rate. If you are a good risk the lender would rather negotiate a little than lose your business.

Believe it or not even a low credit score doesn’t make you a terrible risk, the lender can determine using their underwriting tools if you pay back your loans and can tell if you are trying to build your credit score. Most will be happy to have a client that is working towards a better credit score.

One more thing to know about installment loan lenders. They really do have an interest in helping, you can tell from the website or their blog. There will be all sorts of articles on managing your money that your can relate to. What good is it to go to a website that advises the well off on saving to buy hi end cars if your struggling to keep the lights on? You need money managing tips that help you squeeze every last bit of value out of that dollar and maybe put some away for a rainy day.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful – having money put aside for that rainy day!



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  • Marilyn LeBaron says:

    Hi, thank you for your assistance.

  • Maria Mendez says:

    Great service.

  • Daniel Leffler says:

    I have been dealing with identity theft
    for over a year and half to date. Im hoping there is a lender thats able to
    work with me in helping build credit
    score and also try and receive an unsecured loan for 3 years time.
    Thank You,

  • Kathleen McCarthy says:

    I just need to clear up the smaller debts to raise my credit score and have one amount to pay each month until it is all taken care of.

  • John Jewell says:

    Need emegency installment loan I am victm o idenity theft they cleaned me out.

  • Chris Kanakis says:

    Looking for an installment loan to repair
    my credit after bankruptcy

  • Pamela lentine says:

    Need to get installment loan trying very hard to rebuild my credit. Have some things need to get cleared up as soon as possible.

  • Mary Pearson says:

    I, like everyone else am looking for a loan to clear up smaller bills and help repair my credit.

  • Valerie Newton says:

    Great Site, I come back all the time to see whats new.
    Thank you

  • Dee Dee Smith says:

    Want to repair my credit but it is slow going! Have had payday loans which I paid on time and will pay off this month. This will leave me very short on funds. I am in need of a small installment loan, not more than 2500 dollars. I have a fairly decent job and work part time as well. I need to get some repairs done to my car and catch some breathing room.
    Thank You for reading this.

  • Robert Greer says:

    I need a installment loan to clean up some smallpay day loans. Iam trying to help get my credit better so getting and paying off a installment you really help me all around.

  • Jim says:

    Needing to pay off some medical bills. Anything could help

  • geovanni pelegrin says:

    I need a loan bad. so I can get out high interest .

  • James says:

    I could use an installment loan. Problem is that my credit is no good. To much debt. I need to pay down debt and buy school clothes for both my children. James.

  • Antonio Cirilo says:

    I want to consolidate some of my debt to better make it
    more manageable. I like the idea of a peer to peer loan. Who has tried one of these loans? Did it work out for you?

  • Cynthia says:

    Need to get installment loan trying very hard to rebuild my credit. Have some things need to get cleared up as soon as possible.

  • carl klein says:

    Looking for an installment loan. I want to clean up some small obligations and have one payment and improve my credit score.

  • Richard says:

    I need an 18 month installment loan to pay off payday loans that I borrowed for my son and granddaughter which are keeping me from paying my own bills. I make too much money to be in this predicament. HELP

  • Mariah says:

    I have several loans and credit cards I established because of financial hardship. I am current on the payments but it looks like I may fall behind soon. I would like to be able to consolidate these debts into one payment. PLEASE HELP ME.

    • On the surface it sounds like you have taken good care of your credit, having payments current and on time is a good sign to a lender that you are a reasonable risk. Try a peer to peer loan, if you credit score is low they may still consider giving you a loan and are more likely to take into account your explanation for needing the loan.

  • Nancy Johnson says:

    I am looking for a loan to pay off some bills and get repairs done to my house. I have to get some of these bills paid off quickly and start on my house because it needs a new roof. I have had an emergency situation come up and my son and his children have moved back into my house. I know that my credit scores are low and I have Lexington Law working on my credit. I want to impove my scores but I need a loan to get these bills paid off. I need to start saving money to for emergencies but with 4 extra people in my house It is hard to do with all the bills I am paying. I have tried to get a loan and I have not had any success. I appeciate all of the help you give me on this blog. Some of the ideas are really great for helping me stay on top of all of these new expenditures. Thanks and please keep adding more ideas. I need all the help I can get!

  • Glenda Kravig says:

    I’m drowning in debt and need help. Do I go bankrupt and start all over…

  • Janice Elliott says:

    I have tried to deposit but I won’t have any money till the 20th

  • Lappleberry@gmail.com says:

    I need loan 400.00 for pay rent and food let me know please

  • Sheri Mailhiot says:

    I need 900. To pay off debts and have one payment. I have to have installment loan

  • Leondra says:

    This will help me pay rent.

  • Lynn irvan says:

    I need a loan but have bad credit help