Installment Loans VS. Payday Loans

If you are low on cash and you have less than perfect credit, then the only option would be to borrow from a friend or family, right?

Not anymore.

Now there are two options for people with a lower credit score who are searching for a loan, payday loans, and Installment loans.   Both options have their ups and downs, and now you have more of a choice when searching for a loan that is right for you.  Use this guide to weigh out the Pros and Cons of both payday and installment loans to help you choose which loan is best for you.

Payday Loans

Payday Loans are a great short term money fix if you need some extra cash until your next paycheck.  They are relatively fast and easy to obtain and are a pretty great option if you are in a crunch.  Millions of Americans still rely on payday loans to get them food, gas, and emergency expenses between paychecks.

The Pros-

  • Basically anybody can get one whenever they want.
  • An easy way to get a $100-$1000 loan to help you to your next paycheck.
  •  You can pay off your loan fast.
  • Most lenders don’t even perform a credit check.

The Cons-

  • Your loan amount is limited.
  • You have less control over how much you borrow.
  • If you need more time to pay off your loan, it will cost more.
  • Direct deposit payments may lead to overdraft.
  • Not paying on time leads to higher loan cost

Installment Loans

Installment loans are different in more than one way.  When you get an installment loan, you have the option to borrow a more considerable amount.  Larger loan amounts are made possible by the payment structure of installment loans.  When you receive an installment loan, your payments are set for a specific amount each month. Although you may pay more than the specified amount to pay off your loan faster.

The Pros-

  • You can borrow $100-$3000 or higher from most installment lenders.
  • You have a set payment schedule.
  • You do not have to pay off your loan with your next paycheck.
  • Less than perfect credit is accepted.
  • If you have outstanding payday debt, it should not affect getting an installment loan.
  • Applying is fast and easy, usually online.

The Cons-

  • Lower loan approval rate than payday loans
  • Long term payoff is not the best option for everybody
  • High APR.

As you see, both Payday and Installment Loans have their ups and downs.  But that at least gives you options.  For instance, if you need four new tires for your car, a payday loan may not be the right option for you because they will want that more considerable amount of money back within a few weeks.  But if you cover the cost of those tires with an installment loan, you can pay off the loan throughout a few months making your payments more manageable.  On the other hand, if you need groceries for the weekend, you probably don’t want to take out a loan that you will have to pay off over a longer-term, so in this case, a payday loan may be a better option.  Use your intuition as well as this guide, and you will have no problem picking the loan that is right for you.



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  • Geraldine Pebdani says:

    I need to pay off debt in an installment loan. I am currently employed full time.

  • jesus davila says:

    I really could use a helping hand right close to losing my car cant afford groceries or daily expenses due to losing my wallet…please help with an installment loan


    Good morning, I’m looking for a flexible personal loan to pay a few bills and repay in pays over a period of time without putting myself in a comprising situation; where I in up in this same situation and I can begin a new start.