Top 3 Money Managing Applications

by Addie Smith

Staying on budget is not easy, balancing your budget can be a nightmare, if you want to get a better night’s sleep try one of these apps. Don’t waste your time sifting through mountains of receipts and retrieving cash from wallets, multiple pockets and between the sofa pillows. It’s an age of smartphones! You need a new approach to managing your cash. Just about everything can be done with a smartphone these days and that includes keep your budget on track. Applications have been developed to aid you in arranging your never ending collection of music, make you look for the wonderful travel deals on the go and even find out the price of gas.

Money can become a lot easier to manage with your smartphone to assist you.

Hundreds of personal finance apps are available for Android, IPhone and the windows phones. They enable you to do everything from paying bills to filling your taxes.

Just as with anything else on the internet you have to be careful with what you download. There are apps which are just scams and there are apps that come with viruses that can steal your information. The three apps reviewed here are TRUSTED and EASY TO USE. They can help you manage your spending and help you understand your spending habits. All of these apps have a free version – another cost savings!

Ready, steady, download and Go!

The first app I want to tell you about is

COST: Free

Operating System: iOS, Android, Windows

Budgeting, spending, earning or saving – this famous application has every tool required to manage your money.

This application will synchronize and update all of your bank accounts, credit cards, investments and even your mortgage.

To give you a clear picture of your financial matters, each area is intuitively designed. It just takes minutes to get setup and enjoying the benefits that mint has to offer. All your transactions are included in the updates section. As a whole, it gives you your account balances, let’s you budget and alerts you when you cross the limit or save some money. In addition, whether it be your credit card debts or other investments it notifies you about your cash flow live. It is perfect for people who use credit or debit cards to make regular purchases but it’s also a great help in managing cash affairs.

It helps you by analyzing spending habits and by making suggestions in the areas that you may be spending more than you have to.

Don’t miss it! It’s totally free.

BillGuard is another favorite of mine.

Cost: Free

Operating systems: iOS, Android

BillGuard is like having a watchdog in your phone, best of all it comes from Experian a trusted name in credit reporting and fraud alerts.

This app:

  • Helps you in understanding your spending habits.
  • Alerts you to possible scams, billing errors, fraudulent charges and hidden fees.

Can you imagine the money you could save if you were aware of the hidden fees that you are being charged and paying for? Many of these types of fees are negotiable and if they can’t be negotiated you can always take your business to a company that is more upfront with their fees.

Like, BillGuard starts by updating your accounts and showing all of your activity in one easy to understand page.
It shows you where you’ve shopped and alerts you when your cards are used. You can confirm or set an alert for every transaction and to make it easy, all your transactions are included in your inbox.

If the transaction is yours —–> Swipe the interface to the right —> It stays

If the transaction is a fraud and you did not authorize it <----- swipe left <----- It will be considered unsettled. You will see a small red dot on the transaction until you get it cleared. After you are done with swiping, get back to the 'All tab', and it will show all transactions classified according to

  • Merchant
  • Type of purchase
  • Amount spent
  • Date
  • There is an Analytics tab that helps to break down the spending into these categories. They also have a coupon utility that is based on your spending habits and a news center that keeps you alerted to the latest breaches in security.

    The last one I want to discuss is my personal favorite Home Budget

    Cost: $4.99 on iOS (free for “lite” version); $5.99 on Android

    Operating system: iOS,Android

    This superb app is, arguably, one of the best of its kind.

    It is very easy to use, has a wonderful collection of colors to make it attractive and at the same time very clear and conventional. Following categories are listed in the homepage:

    • Expenses
    • Bills
    • Budget
    • Accounts
    • Amount in each account

    Just underneath these, there is a chart showing expenses as a % age of the earnings and complete balance. Below, There are three more tabs:

    • Payees
    • Reports
    • Search.

    The Income section is perfect for freelancers. Just enter the client’s name and description and arrange by date. Financial pictures can be found in the ‘Report section’. Landscape mode gives you a wider month to month look at your earnings and spending. If you have to make regular payments to certain people, you can easily add them in ‘payees’ section.

    I feel that this was well worth the S5 that I spent, it’s really helpful!

    Thanks for reading!



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