Surprisingly High Paying Jobs

Job Hunting

Are you currently unemployed?  Have you lost your job recently and are trying to look for another? Or are you just contemplating a shift in career? Say you are a highly educated and trained professional, a skilled worker, a craftsman, or artisan. Or you have not undergone or been certified at any trade or skills training program.  Be that as it may, there are thousands of jobs out there that may be right for you.

Do Some Self-Assessment

If you are looking for decent and high paying jobs, you must first assess not only your capabilities but also your interests.  This is important because even if you have a degree in business management but hate sitting in an office or doing a nine- to-five job, then you will never achieve job satisfaction.

Do some self-assessment.  What career path do you want to take? What industries capture your interests?  When you have first determined what you wanted to do with your life as an adult, the next steps in job hunting will be easier.  Devise a plan and a strategy before you proceed to hunt for high paying jobs, and there will be no reason that you won’t find one.

Follow Your Passion

What are you passionate about?  If you love the outdoors, look for careers or jobs in tourism such as tour guides.   You don’t really need a degree to land a job escorting tourists.  You just need to have the gift of gab and must actually enjoy meeting people and going places.  Escorts in the tourism industry can get paid as much as $60,000 a year.

Or if you love shopping, you can get paid doing just that.  Of course, the stuff you shop for will not be for your own use.  Nonetheless, you can do your own shopping when you collect your fat pay check.  However, that can only happen if you maintain a regular, high society and super-rich clientele. As a personal shopper, you can earn from $25,000 to $100,000 annually.

Other Odd Jobs That Pay well

There are other jobs that anyone can do and get paid well. Some of these are:

  1. Sommelier – Most average individuals would not know what a sommelier is or what he does for a living. Well, he is the guy usually in a fine dining restaurant who could give excellent advice on which wine to pair with your pricey meal. But he is not just a simple wine taster.   He is also in charge of purchasing the wine straight from the finest vineyards around the world.  Do you need to get through college to land a sommelier job? Maybe you don’t, but you would have to undergo intensive training and get certified to work in the wine and restaurant industry to qualify for this job. Incidentally, this job pays more than $50,000 a year.


  1. Pet Food Taster – You probably have always wondered what pet food tastes like, but no way will you ever try to find out. Well, do you know that there are people hired as pet food tasters?  Because it is a big industry, competitive pet food makers would want to ensure the quality of the food they offer in the market. Pet lovers and owners are as picky with their pets’ food as they are with their children’s.  Pet food tasters get an average annual salary of $40,000.



  1. Gaming Managers – Working in a casino does not necessarily require a college degree. Gaming coordinators and managers can be trained to do the job really well.  Their job is quite similar to that of workers in the entertainment and tourism industry. Gaming managers should have the knack of dealing with people, especially with the high rollers or preferred clients. They earn from $75,000 to $95,000 a year.


  1. Garbage Collector – Ordinary bin men don’t earn unusually high salaries. But do you know that those who work the graveyard shift get paid more than what their fellows get during a regular schedule?  In New York, the average pay that trash collectors get from working the unholy hours is a staggering $100,000. You could imagine that’s a lot of trash turned into cash in their hands.


  1. Voice Over Artists – A good accent and impressive voice can take you to the peak of a lucrative career. Voice over talents can make around $60,000 annually. They do narrations for commercials and films, especially big-budgeted ones.


  1. Sewer Inspector – Another not-so-good smelling job is working as a sewer inspector. These tunnels have to be regularly checked to ensure that they are functioning well and remain unclogged.  For the many hours of wading through smelly, sludgy sewers, inspectors are paid more than $50,000 annually.


  1. Freelance Writer – A freelance writer may earn income comparable with white collar workers or highly skilled specialists and technicians. But that would depend on work quality and how much load the writer is willing to take.


  1. Train Drivers – Contrary to what most people assume, not all train drivers are engineers. You don’t need a degree to qualify as a train driver. All you need is to complete the required on-site training hours. Train drivers in the US can earn as much as $62,000 annually.  The downside is that you can be assigned to work during anti-social hours.


  1. Elevator Installer/Repairer – There is no actual degree or course that would land you this kind of job. All you need is to complete an apprenticeship. But since it involves ensuring that the lift works well all the time, you can get paid by as much as $80,000.

Whatever job you have, as long as you enjoy doing it, you are on the right track.  Nothing should stop you from looking for not only enjoyable, but high paying jobs as well.




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