Surprisingly Low Paying Jobs

If you are considering a trade school that will send you into debt for years to come you may want to take a look at the salaries being made in the real world for your chosen career. It can be quite an eye opener when you find that some very important jobs are barely paying a living wage.

  • mental health counselors – $43,700
  • radio and TV announcers – $29,020
  • Marriage and family therapists – $48,160
  • firefighters make just – $45,600
  • Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics – $31,270
  • pre-K teachers – $27,570
  • telemarketers – $22,610
  • fast food workers – $18,330
  • maids – $19,780

Granted you are not going to take out a loan to learn how to be a maid or a telemarketer but you may consider a career in radio and TV announcing or you may want to be a paramedic or a firefighter.

How long will it take to pay off a trade school loan for one of those careers while trying to pay rent, keep a car in repair and feed a family or just keep yourself in cloths and fed?
When considering a new career or looking for your first career make sure that you know what kind of salary you can expect, are companies looking to hire and can you afford to pay back the loan once you graduate.

*Statistics used are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates Data.



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