Simple Steps to Winning Sweepstakes

How often have you thought “If only I could win “ ” my life would be better”? Whatever goes into the quotes, money, cars homes etc., whatever it is, winning the things that you dream of is possible. People win things day in and day out.

Have you ever known a person who won things all of the time, seems like every time they enter a contest they are winning something.

While other people that you know win nothing and still other folks make a science of winning and have methods to increase their odds.

Don’t be fooled, luck is only a part of winning. Luck doesn’t help if you don’t enter sweepstakes, luck won’t help if you don’t follow the rules of a sweepstakes. Luck may be a component but to increase your odds you need to enter sweepstakes consistently, follow the rules and network with other sweepstakes participants.

Be Consistent

You can’t win if you don’t enter and few people win the first time they enter. On average it takes 3 months of consistent entering before winning anything, so if you don’t stay in the game and stay positive you won’t stand as good a chance at winning. There are so many sweepstakes out there, for almost anything you could want, travel, money you name it, there is probably a sweepstakes for it.

Decide what type of sweepstakes you are interested in, is it a lottery, scratch off tickets, or entering you name and information online. Find out everything you can about it, there are tips and tricks on winning just about everything.

Follow the Rules

Some sweepstakes are easy; the rules are minimal and easy to follow. Others are more complex and ask you to carefully comb through all of the sweepstakes documentation to find all of the pieces of information that they require in order to complete your application.

Fill out every piece of information they ask and answer all questions correctly. You may have to go hunting but find the answers.

Write slowly and legibly; wouldn’t you just die if you found out that your name got picked and they tossed it because they could not read the writing?

Do Your Homework

All sweepstakes are not the same, not just the prizes that are offered but also the odds of winning can be dramatically different. A lot depends on how many prizes offered, how big the prize and how far the reach of the promotion. A national sweepstakes will have far more entries than a local sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes will not protect your privacy. Read the fine print before entering and get ready for an inbox full of junk mail.

Only enter a sweepstakes whose prize is something that you want or can easily sell. Many sweepstakes that offer a prize such as a car will also offer a cash prize in lieu of the house. Some however only offer the prize and no substitutes allowed!

When you win a prize follow the instructions to the letter to claim the prize. Following the rules is very important in sweepstakes. They can choose another winner and deny you the prize if the rules are not precisely followed.

Some sweepstakes cost money to enter some do not. There are plenty of free sweepstakes so buying a sweepstakes entry is not a requirement to participate.  Have fun, enter as many times as you want and enter often, right up to the close of the entries. Nothing increases your odds of being picked more than having enough entries in the pool of hopefuls to get noticed. Again though – read the rules, some only take one entry per family, but most will take multiple entries.



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  • kathryn osborn says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  • Sally Boulrice says:

    i have done what it says above many times and still have won nothing. Also free samples seem to be out of reach as i have supplied personal info for samples and to date have never received a thing. how good is the info above?