What you Need to Know About Freebies

Is it true that free offers are really free? Can you make money by filling in surveys online? How about those sweepstakes, does anyone really win? The answer to all of these questions is yes, yes you can. You can make money on surveys, you won’t get rich, you shouldn’t quit your job but you can make money and some people make enough money to pay a mortgage. People win sweepstakes all the time, you probably know someone who has won something at some point in their lives. Ask your friends, you’d be surprised by how many people you know that have won. Free offers really do exist, you need to read the fine print but there are many free things that you can get just by keeping up with your favorite products online. It’s not unusual to get full size samples as part of a special promotion.

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Cashing in on Paid Surveys!

Paid surveys do not pay very much, but they are still a nice easy way for a person to generate some extra money each month.

A number of survey groups will reward you with a ‘sweepstakes’ entry into their monthly draw for cash and prizes; others will pay immediate cash for completing the survey; and many survey companies will provide payment in the form of gift certificates.

Although the actual payments for doing online surveys are minimal for the time you take completing them, there are ways to maximize your earnings potential from those paid survey requests.

By taking advantage of the following three opportunities you can optimize the value of your paid surveys.

1. Gift Certificates and Prizes:

When you receive payment in the form of a gift certificate, or prize, you can place them for sale on auction sites like eBay and turn these products into cash. It’s simple and makes doing surveys for prizes much more attractive.

2. Family and Friend Referrals:

Most of the paid survey sites encourage you to have friends and family join their survey group and may reward you with cash or prize incentives for each referral that signs up and starts doing surveys. In many cases, you could also receive ongoing “royalties” based on the earnings of your new referrals.

3. Other Family Member Participation:

Some paid survey sites allow other household members to join their group in addition to you. Having your spouse, partner, or child also completing daily surveys will increase your total household earnings.

Completing daily surveys will give you some additional income, but taking advantage of all their affiliate programs could increase those earnings substantially.

Mega Lotteries – You only Need to Win Once

Lotteries are all about chance and loosing, mega lotteries even more so; however if you are the lucky one that wins it can be a life altering event.

The companies behind the lotteries are counting on you loosing, if too many people were to win the lotteries the lotteries would not be able to exist. For a lottery to be successful for the lottery sponsor, the odds against winning must be substantial.

Lotteries are a game of chance, a gamble that you will win something, even if it’s the smaller prize and some people are very good at doing just that. Let’s discuss one way that may help improve your luck.

Trending, you don’t have to be a mathematician to understand trends; all you need is to be able to identify what the trend is. For instance let’s consider fashion; one summer all you see is aqua color another it may be raspberry. The color trend is obvious because you see it everywhere. Other trends may not be so obvious and require some digging.

Applying a trend to a lottery is not as easy as spotting the latest fashion in color. First step find a lottery and stick with it, next you’ll need to do a little research. Take a look at the winning number going back 4-5 months and try to determine the types of numbers that occur on a more frequent basis. If number combinations that are mostly even numbers win more often than odd numbers, you will want to pick even numbers. If the lottery has a large spread of numbers as most do, you’ll want to find the maximum and minimum threshold. This is the area where most of the winning numbers have landed. You’ll want to pick numbers that fall below the minimum threshold and above the maximum.

There are no sure fire ways to win, but you can increase your odds. Choose your game, choose your numbers based on a little research and one day you may be one of the lucky winners.